­a tool that visualizes plans, flow and forecasts in Jira from different perspectives

Sometimes it’s hard to see the forest for all trees and sometimes we need to be able to study the leaves to solve a minor matter. The forest, with its trees and their leaves, is our common plan. JIRA contains the plan and allows us to walk around in the forest and look at the trees and also zoom in so we can see all the details of the leaves. That is not enough. We also need to be able to zoom out and see the forest to understand more of the whole.

Scope360° helps us look at the forest or part of the forest from different perspectives.

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Forest Trees Leaves


In addition to the three perspectives described briefly below, Scope360° offers assistance in improving the ability to navigate in JIRA as well as creating the queries needed to view the different perspectives.

Plan Flow Forecast
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The plan is visualized through a number of complementary views. A view shows which deliveries each team has planned, including dependencies to other teams. Another view shows the team’s plans iteration for iteration and a third view gives a status overview measured in the number of issues in each JIRA epic that has status to do, in progress and done.
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The flow perspective provides different views of our capacity by visualizing the flow in terms of CFD, Throughput and lead times.
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Forecast is made by visualizing the outcome of a Monte Carlo simulation. The simulation uses previous throughput to calculate possible outcomes ahead and the result is a forecast based on historical data from the latest iterations.
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With different dimensions such as purpose, organization and time, the opportunity to answer ad-hoc questions arises. Questions like; When will a group of teams be ready to delivery a specific initiative and how does the progress look like. The core of each dimension is initiative, team and iteration, but can also be project, component, program, ART, solution, portfolio, program increment or something else.

It is the connection of JIRA issues to these dimensions that identifies a scope that can be visualized in Scope360°.

The dimensions can be implemented in JIRA in different ways and usually some of them already exist. Scope360° does not depend on the dimensions being set in a special way in JIRA. See Dimensions View for en example of dimensions.


Dependency Board Status Report Plan
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CFD Throughout Forecast
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The product family of Scope360° is evolving. Currently these products are available.

Scope360° Professional Scope360° Enterprise
Scope360° Professional provides Scope360° functionality to users without the need for a enterprise config.

Scope360° Light
(Flow Companion for Jira)
This funtionality is now provided in Scope360°.
Full functionality of Scope360° including a company wide common config that supports all Jira users with an enhanced Jira experience with reports from Plan, Flow and Forecast perspective.

Please visit Chrome Web Store to install Scope360° for Jira.


Please contact us if you have any question or want to know more about Scope360°


As many great products. Scope360° came from frustration and a need for better visualizations and tools, to plan better based on data and create a model to follow constant updates.

Magnus and Tom have worked together in different ways since 2012. The journey of Scope360° started with a Chrome extension written by Magnus to enhance visualization in TFS and that work transformed into Flow Companion for Jira.

Inspired by Magnus, Tom started to make visualizations of dependencies and that resulted in a extension called Program Reports. A few years ago both tools had evolved and matured in a way that it made sense to combine them and Scope360° was born.

Togheter with Aliby - The pink company - they have gone from eight years of ”basement work” to a commersial product and a company. All energiezed by a partnership with born {digital.

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Magnus Siverbrant Tom Mårdh


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