Jira Enhancement

  • Family detail widget semi transparent when ticket done


  • Remote issues in another Jira instance can be visualized in the content scripts
  • Bug fixed: Issue export made custom config overwrite the stored config
  • Rank and sprint is added to default config

Plan perspective

  • Bug fixed: Translation in advanced filter in JPR were not correct
  • Issue row is now semitransparent when status is done


release-note-large release-note-large
  • Parent-child dependencies are now ok if they do not create circular dependencies. If a circular dependency is found, one parent-child relationship is removed.
  • Removed unused rights from Scope360° manifest
  • New default config used in Links

Flow perspectivce

  • Less page reloads
  • Remove unused rights from manifest
  • Different name of application in tab and extension menu dependent on extension name and license

Third party licenses

  • Blue oak license not longer used