• Supports new board config api. Jira Cloud supported again.
  • Refactories to make Scope360° more maintainable

Jira Enhancements

  • Clearer representation of issue field values on nested issue cards


  • Corrected bug that made headers and values to be misaligned in csv export
  • Export as csv via custom issue export added. Config example:
        name: 'PI22.49 PD Priority',
        sortBy: ['id', 'program'],
        fields: ['id', 'program', 'iteration'],
        outputFormat: 'csv',

Plan Perspective

  • Viz migrated to till vue3
  • Removed flickering in Analyze Flow button
  • Corrected config service to support hosts with port again
  • Scope360° menu now available on issues page in Jira Cloud showing issue opened from search result