Contains the Flow and Forecast perspectives from a Jira board. The functionality available in Jira Flow Companion is now available to everyone through Scope360°.

Dear user of Flow Companion for JIRA,

we would like to open up your Jira experience even more, for free - at least for a while:)

We hereby give You Scope360° Professional and hope You will enjoy it as much as we do!
The upgrade is planned for May 13th.

We, who are developing Flow Companion for JIRA and Scope360° have for several years worked with great joy and enthusiasm to help our customers become better at

in Jira. The products have evolved with us working as consultants. Flow Companion for JIRA and Scope360° has been great to use for us and for people with simular proffessions as us.

Thank you for the trust! Best regards,
The Team behind Scope360°

Please contact us if you have any question or want to know more about Scope360°

Email: info@scope360.se

Available Products

Scope360° Professional Scope360° Enterprise
Scope360° Professional provides Scope360° functionality to users without the need for a enterprise config.

Scope360° Light
(Flow Companion for Jira)
This funtionality is now provided in Scope360°.
Full functionality of Scope360° including a company wide common config that supports all Jira users with an enhanced Jira experience with reports from Plan, Flow and Forecast perspective.

Please visit Chrome Web Store to install Scope360° for Jira.